What Is Your Toxicity Level?

I have a quiz for you. But first, let's talk about your "rain barrel".

Today, more than ever, our world is filled with toxins⁠.

There are approximately 77,000 manmade chemicals in our environment that our liver and immune systems were never meant to handle.

Our foods are loaded with preservatives, artificial ingredients, and chemicals. Our tap water is contains heavy metals such as copper, lead, and aluminum. Our soil contains runoff from pesticides. Our body products have a laundry list of ingredients in them that disrupt our hormones.

Your body is intended to detoxify naturally on its own, and it probably did a fine job before we became industrialized. In today's world, it's not equipped to handle the toxic burden that we face. Over time, these toxins accumulate in the body, and I hate to tell you this, but...these toxins are stored in our FAT CELLS. Yep, that's right! So if you are carrying around extra weight even after you have cut back on harmful foods and alcohol, this could be the reason why.

Do you have a rain barrel in your garden? When the barrel gets too full, it will overflow. The same thing occurs with your body and the toxins that it encounters. At some point, your body simply cannot handle the toxic load. When your rain barrel is full, this is when "dis-ease" starts creeping in. Do you have time to be sick? I doubt it!

We all want our bodies to function at optimal level, and this is why you need a seasonal "clean out". A Functional Medicine Detox should be part of your maintenance routine, just like cleaning your furnace filter or changing the oil in your car. ⁠

While weight loss can be a goal for many doing a detox,

did you know that it's really just one of the many benefits?⁠

Other benefits include:⁠

-Gaining a renewed sense of energy and physical vitality⁠

-Creating a mental state of calm and mental clarity⁠

-Boosting immunity function⁠

-Better quality sleep⁠

-Rebalancing hormones that are responsible for maintaining metabolism, digestive function, and brain development.⁠

-Clearer skin

-Less join pain

-Your body doesn't have to work as hard!

I have been doing one every three months since I became an IHP. Sometimes I do 7 days, and once I did 21 days, and this time it will be 14 days. How do I decide how long to go? I take a Toxicity Quiz. Check it out at the end of this post.

Common Questions About the Detox:

Do I have to give up coffee?

-If you are truly addicted to coffee, you may have a small amount in the morning.

Do I have to give up alcohol?

-What do you think? Yes, you do during the detox. Alcohol is very inflammatory to the body, and we are trying to reduce inflammation.

Will I have to stay near the bathroom during the detox?

-No! This is not an intestinal cleanse, and you are not cleaning out you're colon. This is a 2 phase liver detox. You may need to pee more, but that is because you will be drinking lots of water. The toxins are drawn out of your fat cells and excreted through urine.

Learn and Share

What is your toxic burden? Click here to take the quiz.

Click here for more info on the FM Detox I am completing. There is a lot of information about how it works including approved foods, meal timing, etc.

Share this with anyone who would benefit from this information.*

I hope you learned something new! Let me know if you have any questions.

Tasha Mixon, IHP L2

Gut Check Integrative Health



*Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. Always check with your doctor or specialist before beginning a Functional Medicine Detox or any other protocol.

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