What Are Your "Non-Negotiatbles"?

Everyone needs a list of priorities. These are the things that you make time for, not matter what.

How many times have you thought about something you needed/wanted to do in the coming week, but failed execute it? Don't feel bad! You probably didn't schedule it into your week!

I am a planner. I feel so much more confident and calm when I know what's coming. I have always like checking things off my list of to-dos. It's a sense of accomplishment. However, your "to-do" list and your "non-negotiables" can fight for your attention. Don't confuse the two! To-Do's are the boring things...like schedule the plumber, make a doctor appointment, do the laundry. Your non-negotiables are things you MUST do to have a happy, healthy life.

So what are your top properties? These are things that are THE MOST IMPORTANT for you in any given week. Here are mine (in no particular order):

  • Me: Exercise 5-6 days a week- I include strength training, tennis, and walking in my week

  • Family: Have family time whether it's dinner, tv, or playing with our Frenchie puppy

  • Marriage: Spend time with my husband without others around. Going to dinner, getting outside, going to the art museum or Lakeview Cemetery.

  • Business: Blog, social media content, coaching clients, reaching out to network

  • Friend time: social tennis, meet up for walks, coffee/tea, chat on the phone

The key to getting your non-negotiables into your busy week is to schedule them FIRST before anything else. This is what will create an intentional week, where you feel in control and don't get distracted by what other things are happening around you.

Think you can't do it? Try scheduling one or two of your priorities each week and see how it goes. Then slowly add in the others. I bet you will be successful!

Shout out to Sindy Warren @bluetree-coaching.com for her words of wisdom!

Let me know what you think, and share this with anyone who would like this information!

-Tasha Mixon

Tasha Mixon, IHP L2

Gut Check Integrative Health



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