The Big Bad Wolf is coming. Will you be ready?

Remember the story of The Three Little Pigs?

Of course you do! The first pig built his house out of straw, the second pig built his out of sticks, and the third used bricks. Which house prevailed? Brick of course, as it was the most well built, solid structure of the three.

Let's relate this story to our own health. In this scenario, the house is the body you live in, and the Big Bad Wolf is the threat to your health (viruses, chronic diseases, infections, etc.). You want your "house" to be made of the strongest materials possible in case Mr. Wolf comes knocking on your door, right?

Fortify Your House

In order to have a strong "house" you need to fortify it. Eating a variety of healthy foods, getting enough sleep, working on stress reduction, and exercise is critical to a solid foundation. However, in today's world, it may not be enough. Because of soil depletion, today's crops are not a rich in vitamins and minerals as they once were. As a result, we aren't getting the nutrients that are grandparents got from the exact same foods.

Don't Be Discouraged!

There are some great foundational supplements you can take to make up for the lack of nutrients you are getting from foods. Confused about all of those supplements you see in the health food aisle of your local market? You aren't alone!

Let me break down what you need to build a strongfoundation.Remember to purchase third party tested brands, and please do not purchase from big box stores, as many of their products are made in China and contain artificial ingredients.*

  • A Whole Food Vitamin/Mineral capsule or All In One Vitamin/Mineral Protein Powder that can be make into a shake or smoothie (

  • A Greens Fruit and Vegetable Powder or Capsules

  • A Multi-strain Probiotic

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil (needs to have a higher ration of EPA to DHA))

  • Digestive Enzymes or Digestive Bitters (these will help your body extract nutrients from the foods you eat)

Other supplements to add onto your foundational support to boost immune support:

  • Vitamin D3

  • Balanced Zinc

  • Full Spectrum Vitamin C

I have an affiliation with products and recommend their foundational protocols**. Check out theirs here:

Level 1 Foundational Support (includes all in one protein vitamin/mineral shake, greens powder, and probiotic)

Level 2 Foundational Support (same as Level 1 with the addition of an Omega 3 capsule)

Level 3 Foundational Support (same as Level 2 with the addition of a Digestive Enzyme)

Other great brands of third party tested supplements that I have used include Pure Encapsulations, Thorne, and Integrative Theraputics.

Now Is the Time

Strengthen your foundation NOW before we head into cold and flu season. Fortify your "house" with the basics so the Big Bad Wolf doesn't get to you!

*Information in this pot is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

**As an Ambassador I make a small commission on product sales. Thank you for supporting me as an small business owner.

Tasha Mixon, IHP

Gut Check Integrative Health

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