The 4 R's in Integrative Health

Let's go back to your childhood for a second. You remember the 3 R's from school...Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic...the basics of your elementary school education.

As a former elementary school teacher, it always bothered me that the "3 R's" actually all didn't being with an R. Hmmmm...anyone want to tell me why?

Now that I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, I get asked about how I help others heal their unhealthy gut and other address imbalances in the body.

Here's the secret...It's all about "The 4 R's"!

Repeat after me...Reveal, Remove, Replace, Rebalance!!! Again...Reveal, Remove Replace, Rebalance! Very simple, basic, but very important.

1. Reveal

As an IHP, I really love helping clients with revealing. I am certified to read and interpret Functional Medicine Lab tests. I feel like a detective (hence the magnifying glass) when I receive those lab results. A Functional Medicine lab test reveals deficiencies in a variety of things, depending on the type of lab. I discover gut bacteria/fungal overgrowth, hormone imbalances (which can impact gut health and vice versa). In addition, I can see if you have heavy metals being excreted through your hair, such as mercury, aluminum, and lead (a sign that it is activity present in your system). I can also find your vitamin and mineral imbalances and analyze the ratios between them. There are other things I can see...neurotransmitter issues, Krebs cycle issues, parasites, and IGG Food Sensitivities. All of these imbalances can go on to create "dis-ease" in the body.

2. Remove

Once we have found the underlying root causes of your symptoms, we can begin to remove toxicities that are holding us back from having optimal health. Most often clients will begin with a Functional Medicine Detox that helps get the liver clear out toxins from the yucky stuff we encounter on a daily basis...pesticides, chemicals, processed foods, alcohol, prescriptions meds, etc. After years of accumulating these toxins, our livers just cannot keep up and we need to give the body some help.

When someone has a gut bases issue, I help clients with a protocol to remove the overgrowth of bacteria and fungus using natural Functional Medicine and Ayurvedic herbs. Along with this, a client will work on a healthy eating plan and stress relief as party of an overall wellness plan.

Often times a client will have heavy metal toxicities, and a Heavy Metal Detox is warranted. I myself have done this protocol a couple of times as well as both daughters. Unfortunately I had silver fillings in my mouth that probably leached mercury into my body as well as my daughters when I was pregnant. I recently had all of my fillings replaced by a biological dentist who safely removed the mercury almalgrams and using specific protocols to ensure the safety of everyone who was in the room at the time. You don't want to breathe mercury me! Getting those metals out of your system is so important for your overall wellness. More on that another time!

3. Replace

Back to detective we are removing toxicities...we replace! For gut based protocols, we carefully add in the correct probiotic strains slowly, one at a time, so that our gut can push out the bad bacteria, creating space for the good bacteria to flourish. For other deficiencies or imbalances, we add in third party tested vitamins/minerals, and foods that are nutrient dense. For hormonal imbalances, we make sure that you are getting enough rest, working on stress management, herbal supplements that work to calm and increase/decrease hormone levels, and eating well balanced meals that are hormone friendly.

4. Rebalance

The end goal of working with an IHP is to get your body back to a state of equilibrium. When you achieve this, your sleep improves, your mental health improves, your digestion improves, you are able to absorb more nutrients when you eat, and you may lose weight. You finally get to feel alive again, and the best party is that you are a partner in this road to wellness.

The IHP Philosophy

Let's face it...our current model of Western based medicine is failing us. People are getting sicker, and the costs of healthcare are rising. We are not individuals anymore. Our doctors barely have time to talk to us during our medical appointments, and timely follow up on our issues is almost non-existent.

Integrative Health Practitioners take into account where YOU are and where you WANT to be. A typical first appointment involves about an hour of speaking to you about your past heath history, your current health issues, any emotional, physical, and mental struggles you are having or have had in the past. We aim to personalize your experience working with us, because you are NOT A NUMBER, you are an INDIVIDUAL. Each subsequent appointments are a check in to see how your are progressing in your health journey. We talk about successes, challenges your are facing, and make adjustments to your wellness plan as needed. Questions are encouraged and feelings are validated. You are in the driver's seat on this trip!

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Thanks for reading!

Tasha Mixon

Tasha Mixon is an Integrative Health Practitioner at Gut Check Integrative Health in Cleveland, OH. She enjoys helping people find the underlying root causes of their symptoms and helping them get back their zest for life.

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